Jamm Styling are in cahoots with a digital printer that Anita Thorley has worked with for over the past 15 years.

Removable, reusable wallpaper is a contemporary way of bringing your walls to life!

It is a woven fabric that is digitally printed with a high resolution photographic image and then applied to the wall by a proffesional installer.

The impact is immediate and stunning!

Because it is fabric, the ink sits on it beautifully when printed and the colour is sharp. Also, being fabric it will breathe and resist humidity so in warmer climates you won't get your beautiful wallpaper sliding off the wall!

We can print to 1200mm wide and to whatever height your ceiling is.

And the best thing is....it is removable, it will peel off not leaving a trace of damage behind. No patching, no painting necessary! ideal for temporary exhibitions.

From a special wall in your home to large corporate offices, exhibition spaces, display homes or temporary outdoor use, this wallpaper has so many fantastic uses.

It is also the perfect material to use instead of vinyl for signage/marketing messages directly onto walls; it won't crease, bubble or damage painted surfaces!